About Vision Defence

Vision. Mission. Core

Vision Defence Institute is the best and most sought-after defence officer preparatory and training centre located in Chennai. Our mission is to make your dream come true, achieve your goal of being in Uniformed services in Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Indian Coast Guard, and Paramilitary forces in India. We are engaged in creating awareness, doing workshops, training young minds to join the most decorated services in India – The Indian Armed Forces and Paramilitary forces.

Our team of expertise prepare candidates to meet the competitive requirements to top various defence exams such as – CDS, NDA, AFCAT, INET, CAPF , TA, SSB INTERVIEW; They keep the candidates motivated and achieve the goal of joining the armed forces and serve the nation with flying colours.



Vision is to create future global leaders of the world in various walks of life through training and academic excellence researching and developing tools to enhance human potential and leadership that force multiplies growth and progress.



Mission is to create an enabling environment of educators and students to sharpen the intellectual factor create leaders of the future in various fields keeping focus on military and civil services and other sectors. To train defence aspirants into a potential gentleman cadet.

Develop young men and women who are prepared for taking on leadership roles in society for the well-being of the country.

provide quality and affordable training to young men and women aspiring to become defence offcoers and civil servants.



Core Values - Honoring the spirit of our nation's youth to defend our values.